Phenocal Reviews – What Is It and Does It Really Work?

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Phenocal Overview

Individuals looking for a weight loss product that is formulated to act as a multi-function supplement may be interested in Phenocal. Produced by Pharmaxa Laboratories, Phenocal is claimed to be able to provide boosts in energy levels while also speeding up the metabolic rates of fat utilization. Phenocal delivers these promised benefits through a variety of all natural ingredients, and a full list of these ingredients is prominently featured on the official product website. A single unit of Phenocal costs about $39.85 if purchased through this website, but discounted rates are offered for any larger orders of this product.

Phenocal – Product Description

Phenocal is made from all natural ingredients that include compounds that are promised to stimulate metabolisms, suppress appetites, and enhance energy levels. For example, green tea leaf extracts are included in Phenocal as metabolism boosters while a combination of glucomannan, 5-hydroxyphytophan, yerba mate, and chromium is used to suppress appetites. A full list of the ingredients in Phenocal and the intended purpose of those ingredients can be viewed online at the official Phenocal product website.

Also featured on this official product website are user testimonials praising Phenocal for its ability to deliver its promised results. Some customers even claim that using Phenocal has helped them lose up to 50 pounds. However, for optimal results, the use of Phenocal should be combined with a healthy, nutritious diet and daily exercise (both cardio and strength training). In fact, combing Phenocal with other healthy lifestyle habits is so important that all purchases of Phenocal come with a complimentary lifestyle fitness guide.

Phenocal – Advantages

  • Phenocal is made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • Coupon Code REV10 gives all customers 10% OFF an order of Phenocal at
  • The complete Phenocal formula is revealed online.
  • The official product website provides detailed information on this item.
  • All purchases of Phenocal are backed by a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.
  • Satisfied user testimonials are featured on the official product website.

Phenocal – Drawbacks

  • No clinical studies have been conducted on the complete Phenocal product formula.
  • Currently, there are no free trial samples of this product available.

Phenocal – The Bottom Line

Overall, Phenocal seems like a decently promising weight loss product option. The full list of ingredients is provided online, and this fact should be beneficial for consumers seeking to make an informed decision before purchasing this product. At the same time, the full satisfaction guarantee further endorses the promises made regarding this product

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20 thoughts on “Phenocal Reviews – What Is It and Does It Really Work?”

  1. After my pregnancy, I put on 25 pounds which was very embarrassing for me. I tried so many weight loss products and diet plans to reduce but all in vain. Then, I heard about Phenocal over the internet and thought of trying it. In the first month, I just lost 2 pounds. Since it has natural ingredients like hoodia and Green tea, I continued using this diet pill. The best part of using this pill was I felt less hungry than the past. From the second month, I started losing 5 pounds in a month and now after using for the last 5 months, I have lost around 23 pounds. I am feeling more confident now and I do not need to maintain the diet chart and can run my regular routine.
    I am very very happy with this product and would recommend others also to use this product if they really want to lose weight safer. There are so many products which have fast result, but sooner or later, you will start experiencing side effects. Phenocal is different in this regard. This is one of the products, which does what the manufacturers say. Still, I would always like someone to read the reviews and must consult the doctor before using this pill.

  2. I purchased phenocal three weeks back. I must accept the outcomes were incredible. Before starting use of phenocal, I was significantly over-weight. I am just nineteen and weighed 206. I recently been using this product, and I am pleased to acknowledge I succeeded to lose fifteen extra pounds in these couple of weeks. I notice other people claim elsewhere, but this supplement definitely works better. You can’t take this supplement and eat excessively and wish to slim down. The result depends on your eating habits as well. You will have 2 provide just a little 2 get a good weight loss.

  3. I made use of phenocal for just one and half months and succeeded to lose 33 pounds . I have re-structured my eating habits slightly and also been taking more than 20 min walking per day . Currently I am more fit and also much healthier than I had ever been . This supplement performs too well that I have wish to proceed the usage of this pill until I achieve my target body weight of 45 much more pounds .

  4. I began taking phenocal pills four days back and have thrown away 4 pounds since then. I have re-structured my eating habits a little bit and also been taking quick twenty five min walks per day. And right now i don’t experience hungry at all. To improve outcome take the pills as instructed. Modify your daily diet and also life-style, perform workout. I would like to pointed out that the smartest thing with phenocal is that it doesn’t get you experience buzzed like a number of weight loss supplements do.

  5. My name is Carmel, I am 40 yrs old. I started my battle with weight-loss at age 35. I was 35lbs overweight. I attempted numerous popular diets and exercises with no benefits. I did some online research and finally discovered PHENOCAL. I was impressed with the outcomes. Within two weeks of I lost 7 pounds. I used to dress in a size 10-12 however I am pleased to say I am right now wearing size 4-6.

  6. I was too heavy I felt unpleasant, unsightly and also unsafe. Then I heard of Phenocal from one of my friends and lost 27 lbs safely. I really feel fantastic now. It has MENTION INGREDIENTS which really helped me in losing weight.

  7. I experienced like I was combating a daily fight against my awful habits when I was over-weight. I felt suppressed and required to make an improvement. I succeeded to lose 38 pounds with the help of phenocal!

  8. I have seen this product on the internet, and after doing a lot of research and evaluating pros n cons I have decided to give this a try and ordered Phenocal, and started using it, after a week of using Phenocal I found it working. There is a clear difference in my weight, lost nearly 4-5 pounds and it’s a surprise! And that too without any exercise, it improves my metabolism rate and enhances energy levels – good value for money, now I will continue using it till my target is achieved!!

  9. I feel so great ever since I started taking Phenocal. I had lost a lot of weight and feel so much energetic. The first thing I noticed that I feel much better now. No more groggy mornings. I no longer feel tired throughout the day. I am also motivated to do things now. I saw a difference in the first week! I highly recommend trying this.

  10. My name is Amy, I am 35 years old. I started my struggle with weight loss at the age of 30. I was 25 lbs over weight. I had tried every diet plan and also did a lot of exercises but nothing worked for me. I did a little research on the diet pills and found PHENOCAL. I was amazed at the results. After receiving my first bottle of PHENOCAL I had lost 25 lbs. that was bothering me in 12 weeks. Thank you PHENOCAL!!!

  11. I took Phenocal for 4 weeks and I lost about 10 pounds without exercising. I still need to lose another 7-8 lbs. to be at my ideal weight but the supply I got was for only 4 weeks’ time. I will purchase some more supply to attain my target weight. But I will surely recommend this product for Quick weight loss.

  12. Superb weight loss product!! I tried several products for weight loss, but often I end up with side effects. But phenocal does the work for me; I have lost 25lbs with phenocal in 3 months. I think the reason for this great result, is its natural ingredients.

  13. Superb weight loss product!! I tried several products for weight loss, but often I end up with side effects. But phenocal does the work for me; I have lost 25lbs with phenocal in 3 months. I think the reason for this great result, is its natural ingredients.

  14. As soon as I heard that, you can easily lose weight using Phenocal, I was sold! When I further read positive user reviews about Phenocal, I was confirmed to buy this product. 2 days ago, I finally received my order, and will surely say good bye to extra weight.

  15. I was searching for a good weight loss supplement and came across Phenocal. I read lots of positive reviews about it and some mentioned that it has natural ingredients, I too like this point and ordered it with courage. Now, it is almost a week and I was seeing some difference with my energy and I have lost 1.5lbs till now, it has shown a good result, will definitely use it.

  16. I was constantly putting on so much weight and was not able to shed it off with workouts and diet plans. I weighed 170lbs that time and was worried about it. Then I come to know about phenocal and its success stories, so I too decided to try it. I have been using phenocal from last 4 months and I lost 16lbs with it. My appetite is well controlled and then also I feel active with it. I am very happy to be back in my lean figure once again. Thanks Phenocal.

  17. The best part of this supplement is that it emphasis on enhancing energy level and suppressing you food cravings with its natural ingredients.

  18. I took it for 3weeks, as advised and the outcomes were good. After taking it I feel less hunger due to which I am able to control my cravings and its being the biggest help for me. Now I almost lost 10lbs , and want to lose 10lbs more . Hope I could achieve it fast.

  19. Inspired by my weight loss all of my office collogues started taking phenocal and get same result like me

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