8 Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The Mediterranean diet is defined by the liberal use of olive oil and as per our research an average Greek person consumes nearly 20 L of olive oil per year. On the other hand, people from other countries use it maximum 2 L in the whole year. Only a little amount of people are aware of the benefits of this nectar.

Works Great for Your healthy Life

Health Benefits

Olive oil is known for its excellent effects on blood circulation. It regulates the blood supply to every part of the body, whether it is erogenous zone or your brain. The consumption of olive oil may be the reason why Italians are known as the greatest lovers.

Weight Loss

Do you know that even after consuming 20 L of olive oil every year Mediterranean’s are not suffering from obesity. They are consuming this much of oil and the surprising part is they are getting long-lasting weight loss results. Olive oil works better for weight loss if you compare it with a low fat diet.

Diabetes Deterrent

There are several researches which have shown that if you consume olive oil on a regular basis in your diet. This will help you develop a shield against the deadly disease diabetes. If you are prone to diabetes because of heredity, then there is clear evidence that it can delay the onset of diabetes. Extra virgin olive oil will regulate the insulin levels in your body.

Pain Relief

There is a substance in extra virgin olive oil which is known as oleocanthal. This substance is full of anti-inflammatory agents, which will give you the same feeling as if you have taken a pill of Ibuprofen. It has good impact on number of inflammatory diseases and the use of olive oil is increasing at a rapid pace because of general public’s awareness is growing about the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

It Helps Your Skin to Stay Young

Olive oil has a good impact on your skin and it works as an anti-ageing agent. A regular use of olive oil will strengthen your bones because after 40 years of age woman tend to become prone to osteoporosis. Regular use of olive oil will give multiple benefits. You can apply it on skin, it will give a protective coating, so by consuming and by application you can experience awesome results.

Mental Agility

Olive oil is full of mono saturated fats; these fats are responsible to congenital decline. You can relate this with Alzheimer’s disease. You can also consume krill oil supplements for the same purpose.

Enhances Your Immunity Power

This oil is full of antioxidants which are required to strengthen your immune system. A good immunity power by krill oil supplements work as a shield to protect you from different types of infectious diseases. You will not find this amount of antioxidants which are present in olive oil, in other edible oils.

Multiple Benefits

It plays a significant role in the traditional health of your body and vital organs like pancreas, intestines and they run smoothly after you consume olive oil. There are several other benefits which you will experience after consuming it on a regular basis. This is not an exaggeration that it will help you to live longer.