Anti-Snoring Devices: A Solution to Ward Off Snoring with Ease


No one likes being interrupted in their sleep, and loud snores can be irritating for both you and your partner. Snoring is basically when you’re spending too much energy trying to breathe. And can cause serious medical problems if not treated in time. It is no longer a laughing matter, snoring can pose some serious medical threats if not treated on time.

With the advancement of medical science, doctors have developed new and better methods to curb snoring. There are so many anti-snoring devices and treatments available in the market that can help you sleep better. Check out some of the anti-snoring devices below:

Why do People Snore?

Anti-Snoring Devices

Listed below are some common reasons behind snoring:

  • Obesity
  • Uneven sleeping patterns
  • Alcohol cigarettes and other addictions
  • Blockage in the nasal passage
  • Incorrect sleeping position
  • Improper diet and lifestyle choices

Some Anti-snoring Devices you can Try

When it comes to choosing anti-snoring devices there is no dearth of options. Mentioned below are some common treatments to reduce snoring. Consult your doctor first and diagnose your condition before you go in for any of the given devices.

Nasal Devices

If you snore through the nose then the best anti-snoring devices are nasal strips, sprays, and dilators. It opens up the nasal passage helping you breathe better.

  • Nasal Sprays: insert the nozzle of the spray in your nostril, the medicated liquid clears your nasal passage and improves your breathing
  • Nasal Strips: it looks like a bandage that has to be placed on the bridge of your nose. Recommended for asthma patients, these strips come with tiny plastic protruding that help you inhale properly
  • Nasal Dilators: as the name suggests, dilators open up the nasal passage. They are small nose rings that are pushed inside the nose.

Oral Devices

Another type of snoring is when the nasal passage is completely blocked and the patient has to breathe in through the mouth. But often while sleeping the throat muscles close in or the tongue droops blocking the respiratory passage. This leads to snoring, and can even pose fatal consequences such as strokes or heart attacks.

  • Chin straps: Chin straps are adhesive strips attached to your chin to keep your mouth closed and force you to breathe in through the nose.
  • Mouth Pieces: These come in two types namely the tongue stabilizing devices (TAD) or mandibular advancement devices (MAD). The TAD devices keep your tongue in place, while the MAD devices keep your jaw intact; both these devices serve the same purpose i.e. to open the respiratory passage.
  • Vestibular Shields: This device resembles a gum shield it blocks the flow of air through the mouth enhancing the natural breathing. It fits inside your mouth and forces you to breathe freely through the nose


Another reason behind snoring is the ambient conditions of the place you live in. Dryness in the air can trigger snoring. This is because the nasal passage dries up due to lack of water, in such cases the person is forced to breathe in through the mouth.

Installing humidifiers in your central air conditioning system balances the moisture levels in the house. These humidifiers level up the humidity of the place enabling you to breathe in properly. Ideally suited for cold and dry regions, humidifiers can really reduce interruption in breathing.


If all else fails you can always opt for surgery. Surgical techniques are considered to be the last resort and often have long-lasting effects. In this method, the vibrating throat tissues are tightened; it is a very sensitive procedure and may have some side effects as well.

Consult your doctor and consider your medical history before opting for surgery. Remember that surgery is not the solution for all your snoring issues, also surgery is usually not recommended for patients suffering from sleep apnoea.

The Bottom Line

If used properly the above-mentioned anti-snoring devices can really minimize the effects of snoring. Easily available and user-friendly, these devices drastically improve your breathing helping you sleep better at night.

Compare the features and price ranges offered by the various brands of anti-snoring equipment, and get one that best suits your requirements.