Bananas for Your Health – The Truth About This Miracle Fruit


There are many miracle fruits and vegetables on the market today, but one of the absolute best and most miraculous are bananas. There are more benefits in a banana than maybe in any other food. And many of these benefits are what help bananas to be such a positive energy source. This energy source can be a blast that you can get right away or it could be something that you get over the long haul, into the next few hours and several days.

In this article, we will explore all the wonderful health benefits of bananas and learn the truth about this miracle fruit.

Bananas for Your Health

Why are bananas so healthy?

One of the many wonderful health benefits of bananas is that they are just filled with something called tryptophan. This amino acid is so powerful that it can actually combat the blues because it converts into serotonin, which can give your brain the boost that it needs.

Another healthy thing about bananas is that it will give you a big boost of iron. Let’s face it, we can all use a spike of iron to get us going. This helps your blood do what is supposed to do, fight anemia and make the hemoglobin do its job.

There are, of course, other wonderful health benefits of bananas. There is a fiber in bananas that is soluble. This fiber is called pectin and it helps stools to move easier through the digestive track. But when diarrhea occurs, the bowels are depleted of important electrolytes. One of these is potassium. Bananas have a lot of potassium, so they are good to eat regardless of what is happening inside your bowels.

Did you know that one of the wonderful health benefits of bananas is that they are really good for your eyes?

Ophthalmologists are always trying to get people to eat more bananas because it helps to reduce their risk of having degeneration of the eyes. One of the nutritional benefits of bananas is that they provide fructooligosaccharides, which help to feed the good bacteria in the colon. There are good bacteria in the colon that are active in fighting against the bad bacteria in our bloodstream.

Foods rich in probiotics help the body to flush out the bad bacteria and get stronger at the same time.

Bananas keep your blood sugar steady and they also help women who are pregnant avoid morning sickness. Another one of the wonderful health benefits of bananas is that they can give lots of B vitamins into the body. This can help reduce itchiness in the case of insect bites. The high levels of potassium also help with stress reduction.

Bananas may be linked to decreasing your risk of stroke and they may also help with leg cramps. Finally, there is a miracle hangover cure that bananas are used for. To build up blood sugar in the body, you can put honey in a banana milk shake. The banana itself will help to soothe the stomach.