Breaking Bad Habits – Three Important Tips

Vanessa Hudgens

There is always room for improvement and there is always room for self improvement. One of the most difficult things to do as we continue to live a life of self improvement is breaking bad habits that we have picked up through our lives. These habits vary greatly in seriousness and intensity, but the ones we usually worry about are the ones that have the potential to harm us or those whom we care about.

Breaking Bad HabitsOnce something has become a habit it is difficult to even recognize it as such. Most people continue their habits without ever thinking about them, thereby strengthening the habit. Once you do make a decision to break a bad habit, a helpful step is to research and find what has worked for others. If you bite your fingernails, maybe try using a certain nail polish or cream on your fingernails or find other ideas via the internet or by asking friends. Some habits are more serious, like smoking. Nicotine is extremely addictive and the addiction is sometimes almost impossible to break by yourself. There are many methods that have worked and you will have your own preference.

It is important not to force yourself into breaking bad habits too quickly. There are few people in this world that have the will power to quit things “cold turkey”. Many time, this backfires and the person ends up being worse off than they were before. If the habit you are trying to break causes a great risk to your health, be sure to talk to a doctor and a counselor to help get you on the quickest and most effective path of recovery. Most will recommend baby steps in lowering your dependence on a certain drug and may offer some great suggestions from their own personal experience.

Be sure to involve a close friend in your challenge in breaking bad habits. It is probable that they have a bad habit that they would like to break and could use the motivation of your friendship and dedication to help get them started down the right track too. The process will go much faster for both of you if you help each other stick it through until the end. Set up a type of reward system for you to help motivate each other to try harder each week. Just remember not to give up if you hit a weak point or fail to succeed on the first few tries. You will be surprised at how much easier the next bad habit will be to break.