Is Masturbating While Pregnant Safe – Read the Truth Here


There are many women who enjoy pleasuring themselves through masturbation when they are pregnant. Many ladies may wonder if this is a safe practice. So long as you are a healthy woman who is experiencing a normal pregnancy, free of any complications or other health concerns, masturbation is perfectly safe.

In fact, it can actually be good for you. Here are some of the hard and fast facts about masturbation during pregnancy so you can be informed.

Why Women Find The Need To Masturbate During Pregnancy

As a woman’s pregnancy progresses, her body undergoes dramatic changes. As her belly grows larger, it can become more difficult to find positions that are comfortable for both partners during sexual intimacy. Her partner may have concerns about having sex for fear of causing injury to his partner or to the baby, or perhaps her changing body is a turn off to him.

In addition to this, some women experience an increased sex stamina and have a craving for more sexual activity that her partner is able to provide. There are many reasons why a woman may need to find alternative ways to satiate her sexual desires.

The Facts About Masturbation During Pregnancy

Masturbation that results in orgasm can actually be a healthy thing for women who are pregnant. Orgasm helps to relieve stress and tension, and therefore can have a positive effect on the health and well being of the woman.

The use of dildos and vibrators are perfectly fine but it’s important to make sure that they have been properly cleaned and sanitized prior to use, to avoid infections that could cause complications with the pregnancy.

The only time that masturbation during pregnancy is not safe, or recommended is when there are other health concerns or potential complications in the pregnancy.

When Masturbation During Pregnancy is not Safe

There are certain health conditions that can make masturbation during pregnancy an off-limits activity. Women who have been diagnosed with placenta previa should avoid masturbation because there is an increased risk of harm to both the mother and baby.

Using a vibrator or a dildo can also spell trouble if you have an incompetent cervix, preterm labor concerns or any other conditions which make your pregnancy a high risk.

In addition, those with a weak cervix should consult with their healthcare providers to ask if any type of penetration is safe. Any type of vibrating device could stimulate a tightening of the uterine muscles and possibly cause early labor.

When Orgasm Can Cause Problems During Pregnancy

Orgasm causes uterine muscles to contract and it can also cause spasms near the cervix. Women who have experienced preterm labor should avoid any activities that could stimulate the onset of uterine contractions.

Masturbation and Cramping During Pregnancy

A certain amount of cramping is to be expected. Masturbation can cause the sensation of mild cramping when a woman reaches orgasm. During this activity, the muscles tend to contract and this is true for the uterus also. When this happens, it can trigger an episode of Braxton Hicks contractions in women who otherwise have a normal and healthy pregnancy. These normally occur around the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. They are characterized by uneven contractions that can last for an odd duration and do not regulate as those found in true labor.

If cramping becomes severe, begins to occur at regular intervals or is accompanied by a discharge of fluid, such as water or blood, there is a reason for concern and consultation with a healthcare provider.


Masturbation during pregnancy can be a safe and healthy way to relieve tension and stress. The only time that it can be an issue is if there are existing complications or the potential for problems with the pregnancy. Conditions such as a weak cervix, the risk of preterm labor or placenta previa make masturbation a risky venture.

Orgasm can stimulate a mild form of cramping known as Braxton Hicks contractions. So long as these do not become regular, and go away shortly after they begin, there is no reason for concern. If you are a healthy woman with no indications of complications in your pregnancy, and no health conditions which are a threat, pleasuring yourself is a perfectly safe and normal activity.