How to Break a Bad Habit – Three Practical Tips

Vanessa Hudgens

There is a lot of free and practical advice available to those who are trying to break a bad habit. You will get advice from family, friends, and coworkers and much advice from the internet and self help books. The vast majority of information is good information from valid sources and is based on proven methods that have had many positive results in the past. While every tip will not and cannot be practical for everybody, here are a few practical tips than can help get you started on the right track to your goal.

How to Break a Bad HabitYou probably already know that you will have to make a few sacrifices to break a bad habit, especially if it is a habit that has developed over the course of several years. However, it is very possible to make impressive progress by simply having a friend to break a habit with you. We are social creatures. Accountability goes a long way between us and our friends and even if your friend doesn’t share the same bad habit, they can be there and have your back during temptation and you can do the same for them. Talking about your habits and addictions with others makes you realize that you are not alone and your problems are not unique. You will be surprised what people will share with you when they feel comfortable and not judged.

It is important to set small, achievable and feasible goals when trying to break a bad habit. When you achieve these mile markers, be sure to reward yourself with something that is unrelated to your habit. For example, if you have gone one week without drinking soda, then reward yourself with a small shopping trip. Afterwards, continue to increase those achievements and rewards. After going one month without soda, maybe schedule a weekend getaway at the beach?

Probably the most important item to remember while on this path of self improvement is your main goal. Keep focused on a particular reason why you want to break a bad habit in the first place. If not drinking soda will dramatically increase your weight loss progress, focus on that. While you will be tempted to give up and give in, you will win many more battles by focusing on what is really important to you. It is not easy to change the habits in your life, but it is also hard to break the good habits that you will develop in the end. Keep trying and do not give up!