7 Reasons Why Juicing Is Awesome For Your Skin


Juicing is the latest entrant in the world of healthy living and eating – and not without good reason though! There is little else as healthy as a glass of freshly squeezed vegetable or fruit juice right in the morning when you start your day. While many people are opting for full time juicing and replacing their meals with fresh juices, you can choose to do it as often as you like.

Listen to your body when you opt for this process – if it does not agree with some fruits or vegetables, avoid them. And if it feels okay to you just incorporate a glass or two of juice in your daily diet, instead of consuming only juices in place of meals, that is okay too.

Which Juicer to Choose?

Today there are many different types of juicers available in the market and while you are spoilt for choice, the vast array of options available is just as likely to baffle you. Here is a list of the basic types of juicers to give you a better idea

  • Masticating Juicers: These are low-speed juicers that chew the fruit or vegetable thoroughly to extract the maximum quantity of juice. It is also called a single gear or press juicer.
  • Centrifugal Juicers: They have a very sharp blade and a basket that spin together at very high speed and use centrifugal force to separate the juice from the pulp in action similar to how a washing machine washes clothes
  • Juicing Is Awesome For Your Skin
  • Twin Gear Juices: These have two gears whose conjoined action mashes and crushes fruits and vegetables completely to break through cell walls and release the entire nutrition and anti-oxidant content. They yield the highest quantity of juice among all types and are most expensive too.
  • The other main aspects that you should consider before buying a juicer are the amount of counter space they occupy, the ease of cleaning the entire contraption, the varieties of fruits and veggies they can juice and of course, your budget.

Juicing to Get Glowing Skin

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of fresh pressed juices in ensuring good health. And the first signs of improved health are evident in the improvement of your skin’s health.

  • Clean glow: The moment your system gets detoxed, thanks to the fresh juices you start consuming, your skin becomes more radiant and naturally clean, thus attaining a healthy glow we so struggle to achieve.
  • No puffiness: Regular intake of juice dripping with healthy micronutrients and anti-oxidants has purification powers beyond comparison. It improves the health of your liver at the outset, which means increased capacity to filter impurities and no water retention underneath the skin cells. So you get rid of the puffiness as the fluid drains out better
  • No wrinkles: Wrinkles are caused by the lack of collagen in your skin cells. And abundant collagen naturally occurs in green and leafy vegetables which when juiced and consumed provides the necessary collagen boost to your skin.
  • Hydration: With the juices you consume, you increase the amount of fluids entering your body. This is not normally achieved, thanks to the fact that we are never regular with the 8 glasses of water routine. If juices become a main component of our meals, we are sure to drink the water we need.
  • Even skin tone: An uneven skin tone is a result of skin cells degenerating at an uneven rate due to a lack of essential nutrients and the absence of a balanced diet. Juicing combines the benefits of vegetables, leafy greens and fruits in one power packed glass. So your body gets all the nutrition it needs. And as it becomes more healthy bit by bit right from its core, your skin cells also become healthier and have an uniform life cycle, giving you in turn, an even skin tone.
  • No scarring: With time your healthy skin becomes more resilient to wear and tear and does not get scarred or retain scars just as easily. The result is clear skin free of blemishes or scar tissue.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time you juice it up and get the yummy benefits out of every single drop!