NeuEve Review – How Does NeuEve Work?

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NeuEve is a sex enhancement product that restores normal sexual activity in women suffering symptoms such as vaginal dryness, atrophy, itching, burning, painful sex and bacterial vaginosis. These symptoms are usually evident in survivors of breast cancers. After surviving from cancer women suffer from symptoms that deter them from maintaining a strong romantic relationship with their loved ones.

The product is easy to use because it exists in two different forms, that is, suppository formulation and cream formulation, giving consumers an opportunity to choose from. The two formulations can also be used together bring about better results. Both formulations are very effective in reviving the conditions of the vagina back to normal. All the components used in this formula are natural hence they are not the roots of other negative effects. The suppositories enough for 30 days cost $53.97.

Manufacturer Information and its claims about NeuEve


NeuEve follows the latest technological methods to blend the natural ingredients into a formula that is effective and gives results which are not only instant but also long-lasting. NeuEve has an official website that offers a platform for official communication between the manufacturer and the clients. The food-grade all-natural ingredients provide fast action against the symptoms reviving sexual performance promptly. The formulation also prevents pathogenic invasion, thereby thwarting bacterial or fungal diseases. It also prevents the foul smell that results from the fungal and bacterial infections.

How Does NeuEve Work?

On application of NeuEve in the vagina, the mucosal glands of the vagina start functioning again. The glands moisturize the vaginal mucosa thus reverse vaginal atrophy. The patient recovers and experiences multiple orgasms. The foul smell caused by bacterial vaginosis is cleared. All these changes result in a more enhanced sexual performance. To enhance efficiency in its function, NeuEve contains oils that play vital roles in this formula. The oils lubricate the vagina, moisturize the vaginal mucosa, protect the vaginal mucosa against pathogenic invasion and enhance absorption of the fat soluble vitamin E. The product therefore delivers immediate results which are observed for approximately 7 days.

NeuEve Ingredients

NeuEve contains the following ingredients; Palm oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Orange oil and a proprietary blend.

  • Palm oil contains numerous carotenes and tocotrienols. The substances have antioxidant properties. They protect cells from damage by the free radicals. Palm oil also prevents vaginal itching, dryness and infections.
  • Beeswax is a lubricant. It is natural and contains ingredients essential for control of vaginal infections.
  • Vitamin E plays significant roles in health products. It also has antioxidant properties hence protect cells from damage due to oxidative stress. It also improves the health of the skin.
  • Orange oil is also a lubricant. It’s natural hence free from side effects. Orange oil contains nutrients that are essential for improving the health of the vagina.
  • Proprietary blend consists of amino acids and vitamins. The nutrients nourish vaginal cells of the vaginal mucosa.

NeuEve Benefits

  • It contains food-grade all-natural ingredients.
  • Exists in 2 forms that consumers have a choice to make from. The suppository and the cream can be combined to enhance effectiveness.
  • It is simple to apply.
  • There are discount rates offered on bulk purchases.
  • It is safe, secure and simple to place an order.
  • NeuEve’s effectiveness is supported by the consumer reviews in the website.
  • It does not contain other harmful synthetic chemical agents.

NeuEve Drawbacks

  • NeuEve’s effectiveness is not backed by clinical evidence.
  • It is much expensive.
  • Some of the ingredients may induce allergic reactions.

Dosage Instructions

  • The suppository and the cream have separate dosage instructions.
  • For the cream, the patient must start by emptying the urinary bladder then washing the vagina. Place a small amount of NeuEve cream on a clean finger and then apply it to the vulva. This is done once a day but on a daily basis.

For the suppository, clean the vagina then insert the suppository in the vagina. The user remains lying down to allow it to dissolve and also prevent it from dropping out. This process is repeated again after 2-3 days.

To increase effectiveness of the product, the cream and suppository can be combined.


NeuEve should not be used orally. The patients should understand possible allergic reactions that may arise from use of the product by reading dosage instructions.

NeuEve Side Effects

NeuEve does not cause side effects. Although this has not been confirmed scientifically, some ingredients in the product can cause allergic reactions.

Does it interact with other medications?

NeuEve does not react with other drugs.

Final Verdict

There are facts showing that NeuEve is the only health product that can efficiently revive the sexual symptoms that result in women, especially breast cancer survivors. NeuEve is strongly recommended because it is safe and more effective. NeuEve contains food-grade all-natural ingredients that are carefully isolated and then blended together. NeuEve has therefore helped eradicate such conditions and revive normal sexual performance.

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