The Universal Law of Attraction – The Power of Positive Thinking


The Universal Law of Attraction is an interesting philosophy of life. It postulates that all you need to do is to send positive vibes out into the universe, and the universe will respond with what you want, depending on the sincerity of your plea. Thinking this way can certainly help you to keep a more positive outlook on life in general.

The key to applying the Universal Law of Attraction is to really believe what you’re telling yourself and to take it seriously. If you don’t take the universe seriously, why should it take you seriously? Using the Universal Law of Attraction, you can attract the universe and achieve your goals.

The Universal Law of Attraction

If you want to attract the universe and achieve your goals, the first step is to ask the universe. You can ask for just about anything you want.

You can ask for a car, a house, a boat, a better job; the possibilities are endless. But before you ask, you may want to take a moment to consider why you want to ask for that particular thing. If it’s because you think it’ll make you happier, then you may want to consider asking for happiness in general instead of just banking on the assumption that getting material things will make you happier.

The manner in which you ask is important when you try to attract the universe and achieve your goals. You will receive in direct proportion to the sincerity of your request. If you ask for a new car but think to yourself in the back of your mind that it’ll probably be years before you get it, then you probably won’t see that new car until a few years have passed.

If you secretly believe that the Universal Law of Attraction won’t work, then it won’t. It’s only as powerful as your faith in its ability to work.

Once you’ve done your asking, it’s time to take action. Just because your main intention is to attract the universe and achieve your goals doesn’t mean that you are absolved of taking any actions towards making your dreams come true. Once you make your request, you must then change your behavior and actions accordingly.

The universe will help you with this and will help you to consciously and subconsciously modify your behavior so that you are better prepared to achieve your goal. At the end of the day, you’re still earning it; it’s just that the universe is helping you to do it.

One of the most important things to remember as you attract the universe and achieve your goals is that you have to keep a positive attitude. If you continue to believe that the universe is really going to help you, then there’s no reason for you to lose that positive outlook, even when things aren’t looking good externally.

If you’re going to attract the universe, then you have to stay positive and prove that you really believe in its power to help you to achieve what you want.