Top 10 Best Exercises For Anti-Aging


Exercise is one of the natural ways of staying young. It normally costs very little if anything and as long as you are exercising frequently, the effects are for the long term. However, you must bear in mind the best exercises and not just pick any routine workout that may not work to retain your youth. As you exercise, there are a number of benefits you derive which will, in turn, help you slow down the aging process and keep the signs of aging at bay.

How Exercise And Fitness Help With Aging?

How does the body react to exercise so as to help you defy the aging process? As you exercise, the following is bound to happen so that your body stays fit, energetic and healthy. Exercise helps through:

Exercise prevents the probability of easy disease attacks that may deprive your body of its health, e.g. heart diseases, stroke, depression and dementia all of which bring about fast aging.

Best Exercises For Anti-Aging
  • You emit body toxins through sweating which leaves your body healthy.
  • Body organs are rejuvenated with sufficient energy provisions.
  • It keeps your vital organs healthy e.g. the heart.
  • Your whole body remains energetic which makes you glow and seem you like you are full of life.
  • It betters your mobility. You can walk straight longer than your actual age, bend and stretch further for longer.

It is not just about gaining membership at your local gym that will help you weight loss exercises. Individuals think that it is by straining all body organs and joints that keep you healthy. This is not entirely true. It is advisable that you pick exercises that you enjoy doing. Extreme exercise causes wear and tear. Fun exercises will keep your exercise sessions longer and at the same time effective. The following exercises are a great choice to help you get active, have fun and stay younger.

1. Dancing

This is a fun and effective exercise for anti-aging skin care. Dancing helps you to develop strength increases your balance. In addition, it tones up your entire body. You can do this at home or you can opt to join dance classes. The best part is that you get to dance to music you like and the routines do not make you feel like your heart is about to stop. Get a salsa, rumba or Zumba dance class and lose up to 500 calories in just an hour or so. The music you dance to is a way to lift your spirit which keeps you happy thus reducing the frowns and folds you make when you get depressed.

2. Yoga

Yoga offers a balance between the body, mind, and soul. It aims at integrating body movements and breath. Yoga’s key objective is to relieve you of stress and promote inner tranquility. According to research, breathing exercises help in balancing pH levels of your blood while at the same time maintaining a healthy blood pressure. The body postures that are incorporated into yoga helps to increase your strength, tone your muscles, improve flexibility and ease chronic pain and arthritis.

3. Routine Walking

In order to stay young, our bodies need to exercise our joints. Routine walking will keep your joints fully exercised while at the same time help you to burn calories. Just a few minutes of walking daily will boost your digestion, boost your energy levels and increase your metabolism. You can start with 15minutes and grow the time gradually to more than half an hour a day. Though it is a gentle exercise, you remain healthy and young through weight management and proper organ functioning.

4. Swimming

Swimming is a great way of toning your entire body. It improves your coordination as all your joints work together to achieve this exercise. The pressure of going against the water helps you with this exercise to ensure you are burning calories.

5. Tai Chai

Tai chai is similar to yoga. It incorporates deep breathing, graceful movements, and meditation. It works for all ages as there is no strain. Though light, it is effective in every way especially with the help of an expert.

6. Squats

This is an exercise for losing butt fat as well as strengthening torso muscles. In addition, they are very good for restoring balance. They can be done at home. Be sure to make them a routine or you will not reap the benefits.

7. Jogging

Jogging helps to burn calories while at the same time increases your memory. Maintaining a healthy weight helps you stay young in the long term as you are not prone to getting diseases.

8. Shoulder Stretches

This is an easy exercise that requires you to rotate your shoulders in a circular motion. By so doing, you are exercising your joints and the probability of getting joints pains is minimized in your later years of life which is a sign of aging.

9. Cycling

Cycling is essential to also help with exercising your joints. It also promotes sweating which rids your body of toxic material. In addition, it works on your balancing as you will need to keep a bicycle on the road with all the turns.

10. Resistance

Resistance builds up and strengthens your calf muscles and upper body. In addition, it helps reduce chances of osteoporosis. To build the resistance, simply place your hands on a wall with a slight distance between them. Lean your entire body at an angle ensuring you are standing on your toes.

With a combination of some of the outlined exercises, you are bound to improve your health and retain your youth longer than you can imagine. They are simple and relatively affordable if not free. Ensure that you change your routine to prevent boredom.