Top 5 Things That You Should Do During Menopause


The women who are entering menopause are now healthier and live happier lives. This is because of the knowledge we have on menopause and the different advances in medicine which allows us to understand what we should and shouldn’t do.

Menopause is a normal part of every woman’s life. As one reaches this stage, changes should be made in order to minimize the discomforts associated with it.

Consult Your Doctor

Top 5 Things to Do During Menopause

There is no need to suffer during menopause and bear the discomforts or symptoms associated with the condition.

Hot flashes, low sex drive, irritability, mood swings and excessive sweating can make your life hell. Ask your doctor if you’re a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy. If you are not then you can learn about lifestyle changes that you should do to minimize the symptoms of menopause.


Regular aerobic exercise can help minimize the discomforts during menopause. It can also help prevent weight gain and improve heart health. Weight training can help strengthen bones and maintain muscle strength. There are many choices for exercise like boxing, spinning, tai-chi, etc. You just need to find something you can fit into your regular schedule.

Change Your Diet

As you get older, your metabolism becomes slower. This means you should be eating less. You can also increase intake of foods high in plant estrogens like tofu, soy milk and other soy products. You should also avoid consuming alcoholic beverages, caffeine, sugary and spicy foods which can trigger hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause. Changing your diet is definitely one of the best things to do during menopause.

Update Your Vitamin Regime

Updating your vitamin regime is surely one of the best things to do during menopause. You shouldn’t be taking the same multivitamins you have been taking for a long time.

Your body has different needs so you should review the label on your multivitamin. You can also try menopausal supplements which can help you minimize or even get rid of the dreaded symptoms of menopause.

Women who are at the menopausal stage of their lives should take around 400IUs of vitamin E, 1250 mg of calcium, 400 mg of folic acid, 100 mg of vitamin B6, 1000 mg of vitamin C, 500 mg of magnesium and 1200 IUs of vitamin D.

Change Your Skincare Regimen

One of the best things to do during menopause is to quit smoking. First of all, smoking is really dangerous to your health. Secondly, it can damage your skin and make you appear a lot older than you really are.

Smokers also experience more severe symptoms of menopause. Some studies found that smokers usually enter menopause earlier compared to non-smokers. You should also change the skincare products you are using and possibly include quality anti-aging products to keep your skin healthy, radiant and younger looking.