Health Benefits of Aloe Vera to Treat Age Spots


Age spots are among the most common problems that people complain about as they get older. These marks are a sure sign that someone is getting older, and they are not always easy to treat.

One of the best solutions that have come about over the years is aloe vera, which is a natural element extracted from the leaf of a plant. If you are tired of having brown and yellow spots on your skin, you may look to aloe vera as a source of help for your age spots.

Here are some tips to help you do that.

Understanding the Causes of Age Spots

Using Aloe Vera to Treat Age Spots

Before you use aloe vera to treat your age spots, you may want to figure out what they are caused by. Most people will attribute the appearance of age spots to sun exposure.

That is why these problems usually show up on the backs of the hands, the neck, the face, and the upper chest. Women will usually see more age spots than men because they are more likely to expose their skin to the sun.

Other theories suggest that age spots are actually due to a deficiency of the liver. The liver is responsible for ridding the body of toxins. If the liver becomes clogged, it has to send the toxins into other areas of the body. This results in age spots. You will have to go through a proper cleansing of the body to remove age spots in this case.

Using Aloe Vera for Treatment

To use aloe vera for your age spots, start by applying aloe juice to the spots twice a day. Leave the juice on the skin for at least 45 minutes to an hour before you rinse it off. While you can use an aloe vera based product to do this, the best option is to use the juice that comes directly from the plant. This will get rid of dead skin cells and encourage new cells to grow in their place.

You can always mix the aloe juice with glycerin and lemon juice to make a gel to apply to the skin. The glycerin will simply act as a gelling agent for the other juices, but the lemon juice can also help fade age spots.

Advantages of Aloe Vera

While you can look to alternative medications for your age spots, aloe vera is an all natural solution that may actually prove more effective than most prescriptions and over the counter medications.

Aloe juice is cheap, safe, and convenient to use right at home. It could also improve other problems on your skin, so you will not have to worry about any money spent on aloe going to waste. Just remember that results will not happen instantly, but over time, this could be the perfect anti-aging solution for you.